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About Our Business

Clearview Communications + Public Relations, Inc. is a full-service public relations and media relations agency, providing goal-driven communications campaigns for a wide range of clients throughout the world in almost every category of industry, business, and profession.

We specialize in positive media relations, social media campaigns, business-to-business public relations, government affairs/public affairs and public relations/communications programs that are measurable, grow revenues, expand market share and enhance brand value.

Our executive media training division, The Message Masters, prepares spokespersons to provide effective presentations and achieve success in media interviews.

Clearview also provides powerful crisis communications programs that can defend and even enhance your brand value before, during and after a crisis. Total confidentiality of all work is one of our core values.

Our Team Leader

Andrew Bowen, APR
Founder and Senior PR Counsel

With four decades in the communications profession as a journalist, political press secretary, advertising agency executive and public relations agency owner, Andrew Bowen is a trusted counselor whose wisdom and advice are valued by senior executives in all business verticals who are facing critical internal and external communications challenges.

Bowen’s professional focus is quite simple: To meet his clients’ objectives through the application of strategic and tactical messaging that motivates target audiences to take specific action or to change behaviors.

What Makes Us Different and Better

We are unique because our business subscribes to the same media databases as larger, more expensive agencies and we have relationships with key media and bloggers nationwide. And yet, our fees are a fraction of what larger agencies charge due in part because we do not have their costly overhead. We pass these savings along to you.

When you work with us, you always have access to our senior staff. You will see senior staff at all meetings not just at the pitch and the closing, which is what happens at most larger agencies. We also believe in client confidentiality. We’ll never leverage our relationship with you for our gain.

We believe in the concept of client leadership. That’s why we will collaborate closely with you on all strategies and tactics, but never say, “yes” to just be agreeable. That would be a disservice to you and counterproductive to our collective efforts. We are focused on achieving your objectives and often that might mean recommending a creative or unique course of action that you may not have considered.

We Can Help You Meet Your Goals

Clearview Communications and Public Relations collaborates with you to meet your specific objectives and provide ROI on our services.

Your objectives may be to:

  • Enhance brand visibility to give you a competitive advantage

  • Enthrall audiences with stellar presentations

  • Grow market share to increase top line revenues

  • Increase interest to generate new business leads

  • Inform/educate/motivate internal audiences and stakeholders

  • Launch a new product, service, idea or market initiative

  • Manage your reputation in the face of criticism

  • Plan and prepare for an impending crisis … or manage a current crisis

  • Simply announce news you’re proud of or required to disseminate

  • Sway voters or constituents

  • Achieve total success in a media interview, press conference or public availability

Whatever your objectives, Clearview Communications will work with you to customize a measurable communications campaign designed achieve the results you want in the desired timeframe with the right budget. Because we apply a proprietary process we developed defined as Organic Search Engine Optimization, our services often pay for themselves within 90 days.

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