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Tactical components of a typical public relations campaign

Our collaborative public relations campaigns begin with a comprehensive discovery session with you to determine your communications campaign objectives, goals, key messages, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), target audiences, timelines, success metrics and budget.

The budget is calculated by estimating the number of hours required to execute each tactic monthly, multiplied by the average hourly rate for the teams responsible for completion of those tactics. Hours not used in one month will be rolled over and applied to the next month.

On a day chosen by you each week, you will receive an Excel spreadsheet showing the status of all tactics, with columns for next steps, key dates, and personnel responsible. This Weekly Public Relations Activity Report keeps both agency and client on task.

Unless you tell us otherwise, all of our work for you will be confidential. And, we will never leverage our relationship with you for our own gain.

You will have access to the senior staff 24/7 with their cell phone numbers, home numbers, personal e-mail addresses and Twitter accounts. We work weekends and holidays as needed to accomplish your objectives.

Building Success

Clearview’s 10-point plan for a successful public relations/marketing communications campaign designed to motivate target audiences to take specific action or to change behaviors, and to drive ROI:

Our plan:

  • Set quantifiable objectives
  • Determine most effective strategy to reach those objectives
  • Develop the tactics needed to support the strategy
  • Identify personnel and resources essential to executing the tactics
  • Assess/allocate costs and develop budget
  • Establish timeline and campaign phases
  • Agree on metrics defining success (ROI)
  • Launch
  • Evaluate midpoint success; reassess components as necessary
  • Achieve quantifiable objectives

Media Relations

As former journalists with decades of combined experience in print and broadcast, we have written thousands of news stories, editorials, columns, and features. Our staff is expert at traditional media relations and social media applications.

We create:

  • News releases
  • Media advisories
  • Blogging guidance
  • Social media expertise/Integrated social media initiatives
  • Search engine optimized news releases
  • Expert bylined commentaries
  • Presentations and Powerpoint presentations
  • White papers
  • Position papers
  • Web copy
  • Speeches
  • Newsletter copy
  • Letters to the editor
  • Annual reports
  • Video scripts
  • Blog copy
  • Letters and correspondence
  • Internal and external e-mail copy
  • Other written communication

Editors, reporters, bloggers, news directors and assignment editors want news, not fluff or hype. They want to be the first to get the news and report on it. Because of our news media background, we use solid news judgment to create compelling news stories, columns, commentaries and bylined articles that the media will notice.

We contact journalists directly to ensure they understand the importance of your news and work with them to set up interviews with you, if appropriate.

Naturally, we can arrange and execute press conferences and other media events to get your story out to your target audiences. Press conferences can take on a life of their own, so we consult with our clients thoroughly before advising you to take this step.

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