Brand Awareness: Positive Visibility

Why is Brand Awareness important?

brand awareness drives your entire brand's narrative  

A brand is the meaning behind your company's name, logo, symbols and slogans. Having a unique and memorable brand helps you build brand awareness and create a long-term position in the marketplace. Brand awareness is a measure of how well your brand is known within its target markets.

The highest level of brand awareness is top of mind awareness. This is when customers think of you first when they need to make a purchase within your product category. You can build top of mind awareness through repeated exposure.

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Benefits of Brand Awareness on the bottom line

Build a strong brand, and it can help your business in substantial, tangible ways. With a strong brand, word of mouth increases, thereby increasing your reach and awareness. With a strong brand, your reputation is reinforced. With a strong brand, you can more easily attract the best employees, and you’ll naturally gain brand advocates. All of this accelerates the growth of your business.

a solid brand awareness strategy can help directly impact  bottom line sales.


2 Million students and counting!

With global marketing support from Clearview Communications, Destination ImagiNation, the world’s largest creative problem solving competition for youth, grew its worldwide participation from 12,000 teams in 2014 to almost 15,000 teams in 2017.

Clearview Communications 
Brand Awareness & Marketing Support Services

  • Client/PR counsel team brainstorm to refine the key messages to be used in all communications and keep everyone saying the same thing at all times.
  • Social media strategy and campaigns that maximize search engine optimization of key words and key messaging; blogging, e-mail marketing, webinars, Tweeting, YouTube postings, Face book initiatives and other viral/social media tactics.
  • Content marketing, that is, developing downloadable white papers and research that will position you as a thought leader in your professional space and attract the interest of potential clients.
  • Collateral. Assistance in graphic design, collateral copy writing and brochure development.
  • Speechwriting, video script writing, radio spot script writing, web copy writing.
  • Community relations, public affairs and government relations as needed.
  • Press release writing and dissemination via local, state or national circuits of BusinessWire, PRNewswire, PRWeb, MarketWire,, Associated Press, custom media lists provided by Clearview PR or other means, all determined by the client’s objective and time factors.
  • Grand opening planning and execution. Speaker scheduling; event planning; press conference planning and execution.
  • Trade show and convention support; identifying trade shows, conferences and conventions you may want to attend as a marketing tactic; press kit development.
  • Media buying and advertising campaign consultation.
  • Website development writing, editing and design support, including blogs, vlogs and social campaigns.
  • Other tactics to support the strategies we launch to meet our client’s objectives.

Call to action Copy Brand Awareness 

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Their staff is so experienced in all aspects of strategic business planning that we get value-added services you can’t get with a more traditional PR firm.

Dr. George T. Brown Jr., President and CEO,
Friendship Force International, Atlanta

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