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​Andrew Bowen, APR

Founder and Senior Public Relations Counsel, Clearview Communications & Public Relations

Andrew Bowen (Accredited in Public Relations) is one of the most seasoned, experienced and trusted PR professionals in the nation.

Bowen has four decades of experience in the communications industry as a newspaper reporter and editor, political press secretary, government public information officer, advertising/public relations agency executive, author, crisis communications counselor, executive media interview coach, and firm owner.

He is a senior counselor whose wisdom and advice are valued by senior executives involved in critical marketing, branding, crisis communications and public relations initiatives in all business verticals.

Drawing from a deep well-spring of knowledge and experience, Bowen’s professional focus is quite simple: To meet his clients’ objectives through the application of well-crafted strategic and tactical messaging that motivates target audiences to take specific action or to change behaviors.

Michelle M. Griffith, APR

​Michelle M. Griffith, APR

​​Strategic Partner

Michelle M. Griffith, APR (Accredited in Public Relations), has more than a decade of experience providing senior level marketing, communications, public relations, event management, crisis communications/reputation management, gender and cultural dynamics focused media interview skills and presentation coaching. Experienced behind and in front of the camera, she is an accomplished senior media trainer and keynote speaker.

Chief Marketing Officers and business owners generally consult with Griffith when they need a fresh approach to achieving their marketing and communications objectives. Executives retain Griffith for customized help to become more effective communicators in their daily interactions, media interviews and for presentations.

She worked her way up from freelance writer, agency copywriter, news producer, corporate communications executive, to her current position as a consultant and strategic partner to corporate PR teams and select agencies. Michelle’s campaigns are always measurable and quantified against client objectives to achieve a solid ROI. She has provided leadership in strategic communications and tactical execution for clients ranging from $1MM to $1.5BB in revenues in a wide variety of industries, non-profit, academic and organizational verticals.

Jayne Burch, Lead Generation expert

Jayne Burch

Strategic Partner and Lead Generation Expert with Marketing Monsoon, LLC

Jayne Burch, founder and CEO of Marketing Monsoon, LLC, has helped hundreds of business owners to develop automated marketing systems with their website. Ms. Burch has a background in organizational development and leadership development in large healthcare organizations. She is a Graduate Master Business Coach.

Burch has developed innovative training and consulting programs such as the Monsoon Inbound Academy and the More Clients Alliance.

Marketing Monsoon, LLC partners with Clearview to add the power of lead capture and marketing automation to highly effective, targeted media and public relations campaigns. The result of their strategic alliance is a full funnel solution - from visibility to sales enablement - for their clients.

Ana Toro, APR, Fellow PRSA

Strategic Partner and Multicultural Communications Expert

Ana Toro is an award-winning, bilingual and bi-cultural multicultural communications counselor based in Atlanta, GA. She has an extensive background in marketing communications, media relations, community outreach and partnership building. Toro brings 26 years of Hispanic communications experience to the clients she serves.

She has been in leadership roles at some of the world’s global communication firms and as agency owner, independent consultant and professor. She has served clients in the automotive, banking, brewery, B2B, consumer, energy, healthcare, higher education, nonprofit, pharmaceutical, sports, technology, and travel and tourism industries in the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean.

Toro understands the U.S. Hispanic market and brings fresh perspectives, engagement recommendations and sound advice to organizations committed to serve the largest minority-majority in the U.S., helping them navigate this diverse population–considering age, language, education, nationality and geographical area.

Recipient of over 10 industry awards and a national speaker at public relations conferences, she has a master’s degree in Public Relations and a bachelor’s degree in Media Writing from the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in Puerto Rico. Toro also has certificate in Hispanic Marketing from Florida State University.

Libby Baldwin, Account Executive

Libby Baldwin

Account Executive

Libby Baldwin collaborates with other members of the Clearview team on branding efforts and media outreach for a variety of clients. Libby transitioned into public relations from a journalism background, offering a young professional outlook and unique ability to write for virtually any voice. She spent nearly two years as a staff writer at the Tampa Bay Times (formerly St. Petersburg Times), the 12-time Pulitzer winner and gold standard of news in the Tampa Bay Area.

Libby, a Florida native, graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. When she isn't writing, she spends her summers working on whale-watching boats in Alaska and received her USCG-licensed merchant mariner credential in 2018.

Shannon Fish

​​Assistant Account Executive

Shannon Fish is responsible for the daily execution of the online brand presence for Clearview/The Message Masters and select client campaigns. Across all client business verticals, Shannon provides a fresh perspective to the creative process when developing ROI driven digital campaigns. Prior to joining Clearview, she had already established herself as a digital marketing specialist for the real estate industry.

Shannon is a graduate of Queens University of Charlotte, N.C., and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with a minor in Psychology. She is a member of the Lambda Pi Eta Communications Honor Society Alumni.

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